The wannabe Dictator-in-Chief.

(Roll Call) — “You should pass this jobs plan right away.”

If only it were that easy for President Barack Obama to get Congress to implement his agenda.

Many of Obama’s priorities have sputtered and stalled, and the president blames gridlock in Washington for the lack of progress that voters might hold over his head come next November. But the White House has signaled it is willing to use other options such as executive orders, administrative action at the agency level and a review of regulations to implement the president’s wishes without Congress on board.

In recent weeks Obama has exerted his executive authority on issues ranging from education to housing policy to the environment.

Obama signed an executive order granting a waiver for states wanting to opt out of No Child Left Behind. It’s a move backed by even GOP governors, and one that has broad support in Congress. But nothing happened legislatively, so the White House took matters into its own hands.

Obama overruled his Environmental Protection Agency by repealing an ozone regulation, and he’s commissioned Cass Sunstein, head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, to identify other regulations that can be tweaked or rolled back to save the government money or to relieve pressure on the lagging economy.

The administration also implemented several policies related to mortgage assistance and housing without Congressional action.

Will the American people see the president bypassing Congress more frequently?

“It’s possible,” a top White House aide told Roll Call.

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