“He’s spreading hate against Islam, he’s diluting our message.”

(NYDN) — One block from the silence and solemnity of the 9/11 anniversary, a screaming match erupted between World Trade Center “truthers” and a pal of Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones.

No blows were exchanged as Jones clutched a copy of the Koran outside St. Paul’s Chapel one year after he threatened to burn a copy of the Islamic holy book.

“He’s spreading hate against Islam,” said Jeff Douglas, 32, who wore a “9/11 Was An Inside Job” T-shirt. “He’s diluting our message.”

This time, rather than protesting the Ground Zero mosque, Jones and sidekick Wayne Sapp turned out in support of 9/11’s first responders.

“They risked everything, they gave everything,” said Sapp, 42, as Jones stood silently nearby.

Douglas, of Reading, Pa., felt applauding the 9/11 responders distracted attention from the real question: Who took down the towers?

“We want a new investigation,” he said. “We were given a story to believe in. We don’t believe it.”

There were no arrests despite the raised voices and rising tension.