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(San Jose Mercury News) — Federal agents are executing a search warrant this morning at the Solyndra in Fremont, according to a FBI spokeswoman.

It is part of a joint operation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Energy’ Office of Inspector General, according to Julianne Sohn, a spokeswoman for the FBI.

The action by federal agents comes a week after the solar panel manufacturer abruptly closed, laying off 1,100 workers.

Sohn would not comment on the purpose of the search or what they might be looking for.

“Everything is under seal,” she said.

Solyndra spokesman Dave Miller said the search came was a surprise, but he emphasized the company is “fully cooperating” the federal officials. He said he did not know the purpose of the search, but he speculated it could have something to do with the $535 million in loan guarantees the Department of Energy awarded to Solyndra.

There are indications that the agents are in the process of interviewing Solyndra employees.

Miller said there is a “wind-down” team still working at the company’s facilities, including human resources, accounting and fabrication engineers shutting down equipment. This week there are about 100 employees still on the job, but that number will continue to decrease, he said.

Solyndra filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Tuesday in Delaware, saying it plans to seek a buyer.

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