The Paulbots already hate Perry with a visceral passion, this should throw them over the edge.

(IBT) — At the September 7 Republican debate, Ron Paul clashed with fellow Texan Rick Perry once again.

This time, things got physical.

During a commercial break, Perry walked up to Paul’s podium, physically grabbed Paul’s wrist, and pointed at Paul’s face with his other hand.

Perry and Paul were placed next to each other at the center for the Republican debate.

Before the physical confrontation, the war of words between Paul and Perry was perhaps even more heated.

When Paul was asked if he supports getting rid of the minimum wage, the doctor briefly answered the question (he supports getting rid of it) and then launched into an attack against Perry.

Rick Perry “criticized the Governor of Massachusetts [Mitt Romney] for RomneyCare, but he wrote a really fancy letter supporting HillaryCare,” said Paul.

In response, Perry said he didn’t know it was going to be “the monstrosity that was known as HillaryCare.”

“Speaking of letters, I was more interested in the one you wrote to Ronald Reagan to say ‘I’m going to quit the Party because of the things you believe in,'” Perry then said to Paul.