And why not? He bows to every foreign leader he comes in contact with.

(Politico) — In a blog post Wednesday afternoon, Gore took Obama to task for his decision late last week to scrap EPA’s proposed update of George W. Bush-era smog regulations.

“Instead of relying on science, President Obama appears to have bowed to pressure from polluters who did not want to bear the cost of implementing new restrictions on their harmful pollution — even though economists have shown that the U.S. economy would benefit from the job creating investments associated with implementing the new technology,” Gore wrote.

“The result of the White House’s action will be increased medical bills for seniors with lung disease, more children developing asthma and the continued degradation of our air quality.”

Gore noted that at the same time Obama was backtracking on smog, “brave and committed activists” were getting arrested in front of the White House as part of ongoing civil disobedience protests against the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline.

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