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The Upcoming 9/11 Media Overkill — Daily Kos

. . . For myself, anything over the top (TV pharmaceutical ads, Reality shows, Sarah Palin, Pro Wrestling, and the like) gives me gas, or this feeling of urgency to find the remote. I suspect that the next week will be the worst ever experienced.

Why, if so many people wish to remember their loved ones in the Twin Towers, or their sons and daughters who died or were seriously injured in Iraq and Afghanistan, why would I dare suggest that too much is simply too much? Let them celebrate, let them grieve, let them go all out in the most hollywood-styled way, let it all hang out. Let it be.

At risk of pissing off a few people, I totally disagree. This is just wrong. Here’s why.

A. It serves little purpose. People can and should grieve in their own ways. Privately. Let them do so, without shoving it down our throats, especially on a commercial basis. This is not a professional ceremony, where professional criers were hired for color and background noise.

B. Public Displays of 9/11 Memories (or whatever you wish to call this orgy) without research into the pre-existing causes of 9/11, the failures of our multi billion dollar entities tasked with protecting us from precisely such an event, and reasons for the attack are worse than counter productive. They give us a false sense of security in three ways:
First, it makes people think that the danger is over. We are now safe.

Next, the root causes for the attack will never happen again. After all, we killed Osama Bin Laden.

The plain truth is far worse. Instead of being patriotic, instead of reminding us of our loss (as if we forgot or can ignore it), this kind of overdone, faux Patriotic display makes us weaker and more vulnerable. It teaches future terrorists that we are easily deluded and confused, that we can be easily scared with the slightest of threats, and that we are weak, ineffective, and impotent as a nation.

Even worse, it will drive the idiots among us, the racists, the anti-Muslim Christian cultists and functionally illiterate, gun toting TeaBaggers into acts of domestic violence, simply because their targets have darker skin, speak with a mid eastern accent, and cherish their god with a different name. Too many brews, too little brains, and an IHOP in Atlanta can soon be the site of death, even against loyal, patriotic Arab-Americans. It has happened before. It will happen again.

C. Lastly, this faux patriotism is corporate media’s way of attacking the democrats, and in a rather underhanded way, the President. Not once during the next week of orgy-like fawning over our loss, will democrats be credited for any success. Bush, his cronies, and the military will be shown, ad nauseum. Each and every program will try to outdo every other station, while missing the big pictures and big questions.

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