And here’s the headline Reuters went with:

JOS, Nigeria (Reuters) — Muslim youths hacked a Christian family of eight to death in Nigeria’s volatile Plateau state on Sunday, local officials said, continuing a week of violence that has pitted gangs from the two faiths against each other and civilians.

More than 40 people have been killed in the ethnically and religiously-mixed area since last Monday when Christian youths attacked some Muslims as they gathered to celebrate the end of Ramadan in the city of Jos, capital of Plateau state.

Plateau state spokesman Yiljap Abraham took journalists to the house in the village of Tatu, where the bodies of the eight victims from the latest attack were still lying on the bloodsoaked floor.

On Sunday morning, in another village in Plateau called Riyom, police found a bomb planted in a marketplace which had failed to go off because its battery had run flat, Sergeant Willford Egwu told journalists.