(CNN) — Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said Monday that the issue of health care will be “one of my best assets” if he goes on to win the Republican nomination and debate President Barack Obama in the general election.

“And I’ll say to him, why didn’t you give me a call? I would have told you what to do right and what not to do,” Romney said to laughter at Sen. Jim DeMint’s forum in South Carolina Monday.

On April 12, 2006, then-Gov. Romney signed into law a health care plan that would insure almost every resident of Massachusetts. The lynchpin of the law was an insurance mandate requiring those in Massachusetts to get health insurance. The law gave 8 percent of the state’s population the right, Romney said, noting that under Obama’s plan everyone is required to get insurance — something he called unconstitutional.

“It’s bad law, it’s bad medicine and on day one of my administration, I’ll direct the secretary of health and human services to grant a waiver for Obamacare to all 50 states,” Romney said. “It’s got to be stopped and I know it better than most.”