Hmmm, what could her motivations possibly be?

Via Big Journalism:

Why would a journalist for MSNBC sit on an explosive story for over a week and allow her company’s competitors to report on it first? It’s hard to believe that the answer to that question is anything but political bias.

By now we’ve all heard the inflammatory and divisive rhetoric Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) spewed at an August 22nd “Job’s Fair” sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus. . . .

The statement was featured at and has been reported by ABC News, Fox News, Washington Post, NY Times, Huffington Post, CNN, USA Today, NY Daily News and many local news outlets. Yet a search of “Andre Carson” on turns up nothing about this story. And that’s curious considering one of MSNBC’s daytime anchors was sitting only a few feet away from Carson when he made the statement.

Tamron Hall, host of MSNBC’s “NewsNation” was the moderator for the “For the People” Jobs Initiative event in Miami on August 22nd. In fact, you can hear Rep. Carson refer to Hall when he makes his statement. He says: “I’m sorry Tamron” right before he accuses his fellow congressman of wanting to lynch the people in the room.

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