Hilarious that some liberal bedwetter actually thought this was a good idea.

(Kansas City Star) — Kansas State University’s new eco-friendly mascot — with her teased orange hair, purple accessories, and all together unfortunate styling — is blowing up on Twitter.

A search for “EcoKat” yields a handful of recently created Twitter handles (including the hilarious #FakeEcoKat) and no shortage of bad jokes. According to Trendsmap.com, it’s a top Twitter trend in Kansas City.

While a press release from K-State from earlier this month describes EcoKat as “Kansas State University’s crusader of conservation and fanatic of fluorescent lightbulbs,” it’s garnering a mixed reception at best.

For every tweet in defense of EcoKat are dozens more mocking the mousy mascot. A sampling: “#EcoKat makes me want to leave my porch light on 24hours and drive two blocks to the gas station for a pack of gum”; “In honor of #EcoKat, I will separate my plastics, glass and aluminum from one another. . . then put them in the trash anyways”; and “Pretty sure I have my halloween costume figured out this year. Thanks, #ecokat.”