(IPT) — The Mufti of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan [IMZ], a central Asian affiliate of al-Qaida, has called on Pakistani scholars to declare war on the nation’s government. In published remarks to Pakistani scholars, the Mufti highlighted how suicide teenage bombers had empowered the movement but the militant scholars had yet to join the fight.

“Our small brothers and youth, his age is 16 . . . 15 years, he wraps his body and chest with this powder and blows himself up against the malignant cursed Pakistani army. So why don’t you Ulema [scholars] speak,” asked Abu Zar, Mufti of the Islamic Movement, in his meeting with a group of Pakistani scholars. “Five years ago we began this jihad, so O’ Ulema we ask Allah that you be with us, be with the truthful.”

“Every year more than one thousand Ulema [scholars] graduate from the Madrassas. But going to the battle, you will only find one Alim [scholar] that is good for the mujahidin,” he said. “That’s why I ask you, I hope from you to be with the mujahidin, to be with the fighters in combat. And urge your students in your universities, mosques and Madrassas.”

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