Of course she isn’t, those are likely Dem voters.

(Washington Whispers) — Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano indicated today that the U.S. doesn’t need to boost the annual number of illegal immigrant deportations, now 400,000 annually, because she’s grabbing most of the criminals and sending them home.

“If we come to the point where we are unable to remove everybody we know has a threat to security or has a criminal record, violated criminal laws, or that we’ve caught right at the border, or is a fugitive, or has multiple reentries and we don’t have the resources to remove those, then the Congress should look at the resources they give us,” she told Washington Whispers during a roundtable interview sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor.

Napolitano, who recently changed the priorities on who gets the boot, said that the focus will now be more on criminals. Currently, the annual 400,000 deportations are split evenly between those with criminal records and those with no record.

But she didn’t downplay the threat illegal immigrants, estimated at 12 million, are to the nation.

“Let’s not minimize. Almost half of the 400,000 people we deported last year had a criminal record of some sort. So that’s a fairly robust [statistic],” she said. What’s more, under the controversial new rules changes, she said that “the composition of who we deport is going to be changing and going in that direction over time. That’s what it’s designed to do, turning the ship” to kick out more criminals.