Can you imagine the uproar if a conservative called for a religious litmus test for atheist and Muslim candidates?

Via Washington Examiner:

New York Times editor Bill Keller writes a loaded piece today posing a strict religion test for the 2012 GOP presidential candidates, noting that American’s are “too squeamish” about aggressively “probing” a candidates religious beliefs.

Keller isn’t worried about Mitt Romney, noting that he doesn’t care if Romney, “wears Mormon undergarments beneath his Gap skinny jeans, or if he believes that the stories of ancient American prophets were engraved on gold tablets and buried in upstate New York, or that Mormonism’s founding prophet practiced polygamy.”

What Keller is worried about is an evangelical “Trojan Horse.”

Keller questions whether Bachmann believes the Bible is inerrant, homosexuality is an abomination, and whether she thinks slavery was acceptable in the American South.

He wants to ask Perry if he will use the Bible to drive policy, or disavow the Holocaust, or denounce Catholicism based on his pastoral acquaintances.

His questionnaire asks the following:

  • Do you agree with those religious leaders who say that America is a “Christian nation” or a “Judeo-Christian nation?” and what does that mean in practice?
  • Would you have any hesitation about appointing a Muslim to the federal bench? What about an atheist?
  • What is your attitude toward the theory of evolution, and do you believe it should be taught in public schools?

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