How bad is this website? Here’s a screen grab from a video on it of a polar bear explaining to a fish how humans are destroying his habitat.

Via Climate Quotes:

The climate is changing as it always has. Most climate scientists are unable to conceive of any natural cause for this change, and they claim that human emissions of CO2 are the cause. The evidence of increasing temperature is abundant, the evidence that human emissions are causing this increase is weak. Climate scientists rely on modeling to support their claims. These models are incomplete and inaccurate, but they claim that if you take the average of these incomplete and inaccurate models you will get the correct climate sensitivity. Even then, when you apply this sensitivity to the past it does not work. Unless of course, you factor in aerosols, which is essentially guesswork. Bottom line is this: the reasons behind the changing climate are not well understood (by anyone).

You don’t get that impression from NASA’s ‘Climate Kids‘ website. I told myself I wouldn’t use the word propaganda in this post, but the website is so one-sided and it is so obviously designed to appeal to emotion I don’t know what else to call it. Go ahead and visit before I describe it and see if you agree. I’ll wait.

Alright. In this post I will give you a tour of their site, hitting all the main sections. This is quite a long post with lots of pictures and one video, so take your time reading this one. Let’s first take a look at their ‘Big Questions‘ section. The first big question is What does “global climate change” mean? In the answer, the following two points appear:

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