Via Business Insider:

What was meant as a run-of-the-mill piece of Chinese propaganda broadcast last month, in fact shows a Chinese military university engaged in a cyberwarfare campaign against the U.S.

According to The Epoch Times, there’s a six second screenshot in the documentary that shows Chinese software springing an attack against the Falun Gong spiritual group using a hacked IP address from the University of Alabama Birmingham.

Designed by the Electrical Engineering University University of China’s People’s Liberation Army, the software appears to be direct evidence the PLA is engaged against cyber attacks against national dissidents.

The software window says “Choose Attack Target.” The computer operator selects an IP address from a list — it happens to be — and then selects a target. Encoded in the software are the words “Falun Gong website list,” showing that attacking Falun Gong websites was built into the software.

“The CCP has leaked its top secret here,” says Jason Ma, a commentator for New Tang Dynasty Television. “This is the first time we see clearly that one of the top Chinese military universities is doing this research and developing software for cyber-attacks. There’s solid proof of it in this video,” he said.

The Chinese Communist Party has long denied cyberwarfare attacks against foreign nations despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

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