(The Hill) — Outspoken House liberal Rep. Peter DeFazio rates President Obama’s chances of getting reelected in 2012 as “very tough.”

DeFazio (D-Ore.), a founding member of the House Progressive Caucus, blasted Obama for conceding to Republicans on important issues such as the debt ceiling.

“The Republicans telegraphed to [Obama] they were going to use a fake crisis over the debt limit in order to muscle some major spending reductions or other things on to him. And that was in December. And what happens? Suddenly he flip-flops and concedes everything to the Republicans,” DeFazio said in comments reported Thursday by Portland’s KGW News. “Fight? I don’t think it’s a word in his vocabulary.”

DeFazio said he thinks Obama’s chances in the upcoming presidential race depend on the Republican nominee. “[W]ith a respectable, someone who is a little bit toward the middle-of-the-road Republican nominee, he’s going to have a very tough time getting reelected,” DeFazio said.