Obama detonates a 10-megaton warhead of assploding hypocrisy.

(Washington Examiner)President Obama told a crowd at a battery plant in Holland, Michigan, this afternoon that Republicans must “find a way to put country ahead of party.” Obama went on to say, “There are some in congress right now who would rather see their opponents lose than see America win.”

Underlining the takeaway of Obama’s speech today, White Hosue Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer tweeted: “Key element from today’s remarks — Put Country before Party.

Obama’s new slogan, “Put Country before Party,” is awfully close to Sen. John McCain’s, R-Ari., failed 2008 presidential slogan “Country First.”

After telling Congress to “Put Country before Party” Obama is scheduled to fly to New York City where he will raise money for the Democratic Party at the Ritz Carlton.