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WASHINGTON (AP) — US military chief in Afghanistan says new strike has killed militants who downed chopper.

Update: Payback is a bitch.

(Fox News) — The Taliban insurgents responsible for shooting down a U.S. helicopter in Afghanistan — killing 30 Americans — have been killed in an airstrike, U.S. Gen. John Allen said Wednesday in Afghanistan.

“The strike killed Taliban leader Mullah Mohibullah and the insurgent who fired the shot associated with the Aug. 6 downing of the CH-47 helicopter, which resulted in the deaths of 38 Afghan and coalition service members,” NATO-ISAF said in a statement.

“Mullah Mohibullah was a key facilitator in an insurgent attack cell led by Din Mohammad, a Taliban leader killed in a previous Special Operations mission,” the statement read. “As a leader in Mohammad’s network in Tangi valley, Mohibullah had as many as 12 Taliban fighters under his command, including potential suicide bombers.”

“After an exhaustive manhunt, Special Operations forces located Mullah Mohibullah and the shooter after receiving multiple intelligence leads and tips from local citizens. The two men were attempting to flee the country in order to avoid capture.”

NATO then called for an airstrike after ensuring no civilians were in the area, which resulted in the deaths of Mohibullah, the shooter, and several Taliban associates, according to the statement.

Allen said an F-16 executed the operation took place on Monday, which killed less than 10 members of Mohibullah’s cell.