It’s all about him.

The official White House “Photo of the Day.”

Update: Why release a picture at all if it really was all about Obama honoring the fallen SEALs?

(Washington Examiner) — When the coffins of the fallen Navy SEALS came back to US soil, the Pentagon and the White House closed the event to the press.

That’s understandable. After all, the George W. Bush administration made similar restrictions for such ceremonies, although President Obama overturned the policy.

The press complied as well, but when the White House released a photo yesterday of Obama saluting the coffins at the ceremony, they raised their eyebrows.

When Associated Press reporter Ben Feller asked about the photo today at the White House Press briefing, Carney answered:

“The reason we were able to release a photo, is that it was carefully done so that none of the transfer cases that contained remains were in the picture. . . we were able put those restrictions and control the White House photographer so that the photograph that we released does not cause any of those problems.”

Props to the AP reporter for calling out the White House. Every once in a while a MSM journalist does his or her job.