Deal of the century!

(Daily Mail) — The economy is threatening collapse despite the emergency debt legislation he signed off yesterday.

So, with hindsight, President Obama rushing off for a lavish 50th birthday party in his honour — starring Dreamgirls singer Jennifer Hudson — was probably not the most sensitive idea.

There has been speculation for days as to whether the President was going to make it to his own fundraising 50th birthday party — a plush affair at a $40,000 a night ballroom in Chicago.

But with the President signing off the debt deal yesterday after the bill went through the Senate at the last minute, it finally appears as if the party is back on.

Tickets for the fundraising dinner cost an astonishing $35,800 a person. Additional contributions of $50 will gain entry to the concert with limited seating, while $1,000 donors receive ‘premium’ seats for President Obama’s birthday.

$10,000 tickets include ‘preferred’ seating along with the chance to take a photograph with Obama.