Didn’t take long.

(WaPo) — There are many reasons President Obama wanted to wrap up a debt deal this weekend: the looming Aug. 2 default deadline and the endless media coverage of Washington’s political meltdown, to name a couple.

But he also wanted to get back to some other critical business: fundraising for his 2012 campaign. Obama turns 50 on Thursday. The day before, he is scheduled to fly to his hometown of Chicago for a pair of birthday fundraisers at the Aragon Entertainment Center. The events will feature musical performers and cost up to $35,800 per person, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Obama canceled several planned fundraisers on the West coast and postponed an event in New York to stay in Washington over the past two weeks for the debt negotiations. Vice President Biden also canceled some money-raising events.

The Chicago events are sure to be filled with enthusiastic Obama diehards. Whether the president’s liberal base will feel like partying is another matter.

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