Leading from behind.

(Politico) — Just days ahead of the Aug. 2 debt ceiling deadline and as partisan rankling continued on Capitol Hill, President Barack Obama urged Congress to show him a plan that would divert the country from national default by Tuesday.

In the weekly address to the nation, the president maintained that House Republicans had wasted too much time passing a bill that doesn’t offer a long-term solution to the debt crisis.

Speaker Boehner’s deficit ceiling bill passed late Friday but within hours was tabled by the Senate.

The House plan, Obama argued, would expose the country to another impasse in a few months. “It would hold our economy captive to Washington politics once again,” he said. “If anything, the past few weeks have demonstrated that’s unacceptable.”

Using similar language he had used during Friday morning’s news conference, the president said a default could only be avoided with a bipartisan plan.

The gap between Democrats and Republicans is not wide, he added, pointing out areas where he said there was general agreement, including on spending cuts, and tax and entitlement reform.