Starts at 9:00 p.m. EST.

Place your bets:

How many “corporate jet” references? Over/under is 3.

“Shared sacrifice” references? Over/under is 4.

References to millionaires/billionaires? Over/under is 8.

Odds he fear mongers Social Security checks won’t go out: 10–1.

  • Chicago Jesus appears.
  • Blames Bush right off the bat!
  • Fear mongering goes into hyper-drive.
  • Pushing for tax hikes.
  • Blames Republicans for a “cuts only” approach.
  • Corporate jet owner reference #1
  • Millionaires/billionaires #1
  • Shared sacrifice #1
  • Invokes Ronald Reagan — Hurl!
  • “people outside Washington never heard of term ‘debt ceiling'”
  • Note he didn’t mention he voted against raising debt ceiling.
  • We have a winner: Social Security checks fear-monger bet pays off!
  • Obvious this is nothing more than a tax hike pitch.
  • “Economic justice” slang for communism.
  • Contact your lawmaker for a “balanced approach”

And it’s over.

Update 9:30 p.m. EST:

He mentioned “balanced approach” seven times. Full text here.