Jesse Jackson a scumbag who’d take cash from just about anyone? Who knew?

Via Politico:

I wondered earlier today which presidential campaign federal officials allegedly believed had recieved “unlawful cash payments from Libyan diplomats in 1984, when Libya’s pariah status was at its peak.

The claim emerged in the messy dispute between AIPAC and an ex-employee, Steve Rosen, and Rosen answered the question in an email just now: Jesse Jackson’s campaign.

A very important caveat: Ron Kampeas notes that “Rosen told JTA that at the time he tried to leak the Libya story to the media with the approval of his bosses. Reporters never were able to confirm the story with a second source, however, and this week’s court filings mark the first time that the information has been made public.”

And if it wasn’t confirmable, that may well be because it wasn’t true. Certainly, charges were never brought.

Justin Elliott has more detail on ’80s investigations of ties between Jackson’s organization, PUSH, and Libya.