His “I’m the adult in the room” shtick is wearing awfully thin.

(CNSNews.com) — Obama spoke to a packed Ritchie Coliseum at the University of Maryland Friday as part of a town hall meeting promoting what he called a “balanced approach” to reducing the federal deficit — which he believes includes increasing taxes on high earners along with cuts.

In response to a question, the president talked about the merits of compromise before saying the media shoulders much of the blame.

“You’ve got a media that has become much more splintered,” Obama said. “So those of you who are of a Democratic persuasion are only reading The New York Times and watching MSNBC and if you are on the right, then you’re only reading the Wall Street Journal editorial page and watching FoxNews.”

He added: “And if that’s where you get your information, just from one side, if you never even have to hear another argument, then over time you start getting more dug in into your positions.”