….The final session was a solidarity session where leaders of more than 25 inter-faith alliances, peace groups, churches and synagogues spoke against Islamophobia. They expressed solidarity with the Muslim community in the backdrop of Congressman King’s announced hearings. The national and local leaders of the peace and inter-faith groups urged a large turnout for the April 9th rally against war and Islamophobia. This session was moderated by Seemi Ahmed, the co-chair of MPC who spoke about the urgent need to fight against the spread of hatred and political polarization through inter-faith unity on the model of the civil rights struggle. The keynote speaker was George Gresham the president of the SEIU 1199.

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A small sample of the useful idiots who will be attending:

Code Pink

Lynne Stewart Defense Committee

Ramsey Clark

New Black Panther Party

Bob Hernandez, Chapter President, SEIU Local 1021

Socialist Party USA

Workers World Party

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