Paging Congressman Issa.

(Daily Caller) — Republican lawmakers are alleging that Operation Fast and Furious may have had a twin in Tampa: Operation Castaway.

The new revelations have come to light as Florida Republican Rep. Gus Bilrakis fired off a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder and acting ATF Director Ken Melson asking them for answers about the newly discovered program.

“In recent days, it has come to light that the ATF and DOJ have participated in the act of ‘gun walking’ beyond the acts conducted within the scope of ‘Operation Fast and Furious,’” Bilrakis wrote to Holder and Melson.

“Recent reports have suggested that Project Gunrunner may not have been limited to weapons trafficking to Mexico and that similar programs included the possible trafficking of arms to criminal gangs in Honduras with the knowledge of the ATF’s Tampa Field Division and the Department of Justice’s Middle District of Florida through an operation known as ‘Operation Castaway,’” the letter read.

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