JAY CARNEY, WHITE HOUSE SPOKESMAN: If you’re telling me that some people would want us to say, you know, we’ll do all this; and they say, great, let’s just do that, and by the way, we don’t need a balanced package, you’ve already agreed to these cuts and compromises and reforms — that’s not how negotiations should work. We believe that in order to achieve balance, you need to sit around a table and work out a balanced package.

And as — going back to Senator Dole, but as many have said, that the way to do this is everybody gets in the boat together at one time so it doesn’t tip over. And the president’s made clear that he’s willing to accept measures that won’t necessarily be popular with all Democrats; and certainly we believe that it is the responsibility of Republicans to be leaders and to be willing to accept measures and compromises that won’t be necessarily popular with all Republicans.

But you know, there is a growing chorus out here of Republicans and conservatives who acknowledge that we need to do this in a balanced way. I think you interviewed Senator Simpson, who made that quite clear. I think Bill O’Reilly on Fox News expressed that sentiment last night. Numerous members of Congress — Senator Lindsey Graham yesterday has said this.

This is not — you know, it seems self-evident that the leaders in Washington should, in a situation like this, where the problems are recognized by everyone, the need for solutions — and the urgent need for solutions — are recognized by everyone, that then we should come together and compromise, not say: No way, no how on every absolutist position that you might hold.

JAKE TAPPER, ABC NEWS: OK. I’m trying to address this, the entitlement component of it, and what —

CARNEY: What I’m not going to do, Jake, is publicly say, you know, what all of our positions are on these issues, because that’s stuff that’s happening in a negotiating room.

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