Repeal and replace? While the GOP battles with the White House over the Debt Ceiling, ObamaCare becomes entrenched as the law of the land.

When they took control of the House, Republicans could barely stop talking about their plans to “repeal and replace” the health care reform law.

Six months later, they hardly talk publicly about those plans at all. And they’re nowhere close to “replacing” the law.

House Republicans haven’t held a floor vote on a bill or amendment trying to repeal, defund or even nick the law for six weeks, after a dozen attempts earlier this year. The stream of committee hearings to pick apart the law’s policies — held back-to-back-to-back earlier this year — has slowed to a trickle.

And not a single element of their “replace” agenda has gotten a House floor vote.

Senate Republicans — who made similar pledges to fight the Democratic majority to try to defeat the law — haven’t had much luck either. Republicans haven’t been able to force a vote on any proposal against the health plan since failed attempts to defund the law and Planned Parenthood in mid-April.

For all of their promises to do everything they can to stop the law, the only thing Republicans have been able to get to President Barack Obama’s desk is the bill to eliminate the requirement that businesses file 1099 tax reporting requirements.