The White House’s kill or release policy.

Fox — Usama bin Laden has been killed. The U.S. is poised to begin withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. And the Obama administration’s shift in counterterrorism strategy from land wars to precision strikes and raids is raising concerns that the White House has adopted a policy of targeting killings for terror suspects.

With no new detainees at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay since March 2008, a top military commander told Congress recently that there is no clear policy for dealing with suspected terrorist leaders who are captured overseas.

In many cases, the suspects are taken to a ship offshore until a decision is approved by the White House.

Vice Adm. William McRaven, the commander of the Navy SEALs team that killed Usama bin Laden, said under questioning at a congressional testimony that the longest the U.S. can keep a suspect on the ship depends on whether the suspect can be prosecuted in a U.S. court or returned to a third-party country.

“If we can’t do either one of those, then we’ll release the individual,” McRaven said in response to questioning by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., “And that becomes the unenviable option, but it is an option.”