His hypocrisy is seemingly endless.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will be taking a break for the Independence Day holiday weekend.

He’ll travel to Camp David in western Maryland Friday afternoon, following some morning meetings.

Daughter Malia has a holiday birthday. She’ll turn 13 on Monday.

From yesterday:

PHILADEPHIA — President Obama served up some political red meat to campaign contributors in Philly tonight, bashing his Republican challengers while picking up more than a million dollars for his campaign and the Democratic party.

“This campaign is at its early stages, I’ve got a day job, I’ve got other things to do,” Obama told about 800 supporters at a downtown hotel ballroom. “But while I’m working there will be candidates parading around the country. And they’re gonna do what they do which is they’re gonna attack here in Philadelphia, they’re gonna attack. They won’t have a plan but they’re going to attack.”

On Wednesday:

“We are going to need to start having to cancel things and stay here until we get it done,” the president said.

“They’re in one week, out one week, then saying ‘Obama’s got to step in.’ You need to be here. You stay here, let’s get it done.”