But it makes the left feel all warm and fuzzy knowing they’re helping to fund abortions.

(Life News) — A new exposé released by Live Action shows Planned Parenthood staff at clinics across Indiana essentially admitting plenty of other options exist for women to obtain legitimate medical care other than at Planned Parenthood centers. That’s even if the abortion business is ultimately de-funded under Indiana law.

Undercover phone calls released today show Planned Parenthood of Indiana abortion business staffers admitting that they are not the only source of women’s health care for women on Medicaid, even though denying women heath care has become the thrust of its argument against losing taxpayer funds. Live Action, the group that recorded the calls, says its footage shows the reality is quite the opposite.

In an official press release, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards claimed Indiana’s defunding of Planned Parenthood would “take away health care from thousands of women in Indiana.” Yet, last week, Live Action’s undercover investigators called 16 of the 28 Indiana Planned Parenthood centers posing as women on Medicaid concerned about where they could receive services if Planned Parenthood’s funding was not restored.

Planned Parenthood staffers at all 16 locations admitted that women on Medicaid could still have access to medical care after the defunding. Staffers suggested local health clinics or state-assigned primary care physicians for Medicaid patients.

One Planned Parenthood staffer in Michigan City is recorded saying, “Your primary care doctor should be able to do [a Well Woman exam,] I mean, that’s what they’re there for.”

“They have the same services we have,” a Merrillville Planned Parenthood staffer admits.