I can never get enough of Captain Crazypants aka Cynthia McKinney. For all her kookiness, at least she isn’t a hypocrite like the rest of the “anti-war” left.

Via Washington Times:

An important 2008 campaign coalition for the president is not happy with his actions in Libya and it could very well cost him politically.

Former Georgia Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney blasted President Barack Obama on Saturday at an ANSWER coalition meeting in Washington, D.C. for engaging the United States in a war against Libya. After returning from Libya with a group of U.S. journalists, Ms. McKinney launched a U.S. speaking tour to talk about her trip.

“I took a rash step because I was so outraged that our president would launch yet another illegal, unconstitutional, immoral, war and so I also knew that my government was lying,” she said to a group of 60–70 anti-war Left attendees sitting in a Columbia Heights meeting room.

Ms. Mckinney told the gathering:

“Black America has been extremely supportive of our president, but not in this case. A line has been drawn in the sand with respect to our president bombing Africa and Libya in particular because of the history of support when the United States was supporting apartheid in the African continent, it was the people of Libya and the people of Muammar Qaddafi who were fighting to eradicate apartheid. And for those blacks and people of color inside this country who were fighting to eradicate American style apartheid, the people of libya and Muammar Qaddafi were supportive as well.”

“Now I don’t know that history, but brother Akbar knows hat history very well and that is part of the reason why black America has drawn this line in the sand because this is something that is a historical relationship that has context that brother Obama . . . that President Obama . . . stepped across. He has crossed over threshold.”

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She does understand Libyans consider themselves Arab, right?