WASHINGTON — Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) said Friday that the 2012 elections was not the time for Republicans to nominate someone with a wavering record on abortion, alluding to one of her competitors in the race.

Speaking via Skype to the National Right to Life’s Convention in Jacksonville, Fla., the Minnesota Republican did not mention former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney by name. But the target of her dig was clear.

The 2012 race, she said, was “not the time for Republicans to put up a candidate who is weak on this issue and has a history of flip-flopping on this issue.”

Romney has a mixed history with abortion rights. Formerly a pro-choice advocate, he claims to have converted his position in 2004. The health care law he signed in Massachusetts, which covers abortion procedures, has been a source of contention with social conservatives, as has his refusal, so far, to sign the “Susan B. Anthony Anti-Abortion Pledge,” which marks candidates’ promises to advance anti-abortion legislation and appoint like-minded judges. Romney has cited concerns over the broad language of the pledge.