I doubt this country could survive another four years of hope and change.

(ABC News) — First lady Michelle Obama today said her global advocacy on behalf of women and young people gives her a personal stake in her husband’s re-election, and that she eagerly awaits the coming campaign.

“I think there’s so much more work to do. We’ve really just begun to lay the foundation,” Obama told ABC News’ David Muir in a wide-ranging interview in Cape Town, South Africa, where she’s on a weeklong trip to promote youth leadership, education and political and cultural exchanges.

“I’m passionate about these issues. I want to make sure there’s a footing in them in the same way that my husband does,” she said. “So, more time would be helpful.”

“So you like the job?” Muir asked.

“I love the job, I do. I love people and I like having a positive impact,” she said.

As for relentless criticism of President Obama and his handling of the job, including from some Democratic corners, the first lady said she follows her husband’s lead.

“He’s so good at understanding that you just keep building, you don’t keep looking back, you don’t keep checking polls, you keep doing the work that needs to get done,” Obama told Muir. “That’s why I like him as my president, because he is really focused on doing what he thinks is the best thing to do even when it’s hard.”