So awesome seeing this vile organization having its taxpayer money spigot shut off in so many states.

(Huff Po) — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is expected to sign a budget bill on Tuesday that eliminates state and federal funding from nine of the state’s Planned Parenthood health centers, making Wisconsin the fourth state to defund the family planning provider after Indiana, Kansas and North Carolina did so earlier this year.

The new state budget also cuts men out of BadgerCare, the state’s Medicaid-funded family planning program, and tightens the eligibility restrictions for women, which could jeopardize the entire program. The U.S. Department of Health would have to agree to such dramatic changes to BadgerCare that state officials worry the program might end altogether, leaving 57,000 uninsured patients without access to health care.

A Planned Parenthood spokesperson said Wisconsin has never seen an administration more fundamentally opposed to family planning and birth control. Walker was the first gubernatorial candidate to seek and win the official endorsement of Pro-Life Wisconsin — a group that considers birth control a form of abortion and opposes sex education for teenagers.

Numerous state lawmakers have expressed their disdain for Planned Parenthood.

“There’s a very ugly side to this organization, and I regret that they’re going to take such a tiny cut in this budget,” said state Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) during negotiations on the budget.