What a profoundly ignorant thing to say.

(Politico) — Meghan McCain wants the Republican candidates running for president to stop trying to be cool. She hopes they will step away from the comfort of Fox’s Greta Van Susteren and befriend MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. And she thinks Tim Pawlenty is kind of wimpy.

McCain wrote as much in a new blog post for The Daily Beast, where she gave seven tips for Republican hopefuls. . . .

Along with a willingness to challenge the president, she wants candidates to remember that they are “not cooler than President Obama.” “No, you are not. No, seriously, you are not, not even you, Sarah Palin,” she advised. Instead, she wants a Republican to emerge as the “smart candidate, the serious candidate.”

Of Palin, McCain wrote, “If she enters the race, there will be a proverbial tsunami of media coverage for months. Don’t panic and ride it out. The cream always rises to the top and at some point she is going to have to do something other than come up with clever sound bites.”