(Fox News) — Nearly a dozen federal agencies did not take comprehensive action to cut off funding to ACORN and its affiliates until a government research group started asking about it — a year after Congress voted for the funding restrictions.

According to a new report from the Government Accountability Office, all 27 agencies subject to the restrictions eventually moved to implement the funding cutoff. However, “not all agencies had taken action to implement the funding restriction provisions prior to when we began our review in August 2010,” the report said.

GAO said 11 agencies — ranging from NASA to the Defense Department to the Department of Health and Human Services — indicated they moved to implement the restrictions “at least in part” because of their analysts’ inquiries.

The report also revealed that some groups with past ties to ACORN may still be eligible for funding. For instance, the Department of Housing and Urban Development wrote a memo determining that Affordable Housing Centers of America, formerly known as ACORN Housing Corporation, was “not an ACORN subsidiary, affiliate, or allied organization.” Though ACORN Housing Corporation was formed in the 1980s by ACORN organizers and shared executives and addresses with ACORN itself, GAO reached a similar conclusion in September 2010.

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