But yesterday’s hearing on radical Islam was “racist,” “unnecessary,” and “Islamophobic.”

(NYDN) — Al Qaeda has created a “hit list” with the names and photos of some of the most prominent Americans in business and government, according to a report.

The list, posted on a jihadist website, contains the names of 40 people who work in politics, media, finance, industry and military contracting, NBC New York reported.

Twenty-six people are pictured. Their names were not released.

The site encourages posters to add the home addresses of the targets so that terror thugs can send them mail bombs.

“What’s scary about this is how specific the individual information is,” former New York State Homeland Security Director Michael Balboni told NBC. “What you don’t know is, when does aspirational become operational in cases like this, involving a possible lone actor here inspired by a website.”

The FBI has alerted the people who appear on the list and warned law enforcement agencies.