They even posted a video of Ken “breaking up” with Barbie over her killing ways, but I suspect it’s because he’s actually gay and is ready to come out of the closet, why else would they make him come across like he’s a flaming homosexual?

(The Blaze) — I know this is hard to hear, but Ken dumped Barbie.

That’s at least according to the radical environmental group Greenpeace. The organization recently launched an elaborate marketing campaign protesting the iconic doll’s maker, Mattel, and its alleged use of packaging that contributes to deforestation. The group’s anger lies with the Singapore company Asian Pulp & Paper (APP), which Greenpeace accuses of clearcutting rain forests and destroying endangered species’ habitats.

So to make its point, Greenpeace put together an animated video where Ken finds out that Barbie is really a saw-wielding, crazy woman who hates rainforests and cute, cuddly tigers. The fake interviewer even calls her a “serial killer:”

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