Via Mediaite:

Tired of waiting around for Congressman Anthony Weiner to send you a picture of himself in his boxers through Twitter or Facebook? Well now you can settle for the next best thing! Get your very own Anthony Weiner doll complete with “Tweet This” embroidered on his boxers!

Unlike the real Weiner, when you own this doll you can be confident that your Weiner doll will not have a wondering eye and will not tweet images of himself to others. Forget about tickling Elmo, it’s time to tweet Weiner with this new doll that is probably not appropriate for all ages. Although in true Weiner style, no one is really concerned with how old you are.

And in case you had any doubts, this doll is as real and disturbing as Weiner’s obsession with confirming everything is in place.

If you aren’t creeped out already, check out Herobuilders for ordering information.