Rush Limbaugh:

The New York Times and the Washington Post both are begging readers to help them sift through 24,000 e mails of Sarah Palin’s from her time as governor of Alaska. Now, they’re not going to let these people into their newsrooms. They’ll have to do this from home in their pajamas. But they’re soliciting help from their readers to pore through these Palin e mails.

I don’t recall this happening when we had that e mail release from the Hadley Climate Center at the University of East Anglia that demoed the hoax — that illustrated, that foretold the hoax — that is manmade global warming there was an effort to bury those e mails. But now, the New York Times and Washington Post want their readers to help them sift through these 24,000 e mails. This is an obsession. It is an obsession — and I’ll tell you, this is all going to end up backfiring on these people.

It’s just too much.

You watch. Don’t doubt me on this.

Now then, the beauty of the internet and my long-term memory below the fold.

Via HotAir December 2008 — The MSNBC “Morning Joe” schmoes scratching their heads over the MSM’s obsession with the Palin tanning bed and not sending reporters to Chicagoland to dig into Obama’s past and connections:

Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose on PBS admitting they don’t know anything about Obama in November 2008:

The American MSM is not only feckless, it’s incompetent.

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