Bill Clinton is the last person who should be appalled, receiving oral pleasure from an intern in the Oval Office then lying about it under oath is as low as it gets.

(NY Post) — Even Bill Clinton is appalled.

The former president and wife Hillary are livid with Internet horndog Anthony Weiner and are quietly pushing him to resign his congressional seat, according to a new report.

The top Democratic power couple see 10-weeks-pregnant Huma Abedin as another daughter — leaving Weiner in the doghouse with his de facto in-laws.

Both were so angry with Weiner that his phone calls begging for forgiveness were treated “very icy and tough, to say the least,” a source told the Chicago Sun-Times.

The secretary of state is especially enraged because the sex scandal has reopened old wounds.

“What makes this all so uncomfortable for Hillary is how this again reminds people — as if they needed reminding — about Bill and the Monica Lewinsky scandal,” the source told the paper.

But their calls for a resignation have so far fallen on deaf ears.

Weiner reiterated yesterday to The Post that he has no intention of stepping down.

He added, “Conversations between my wife and me are private, but you know, she’s bearing up well and she’s back at work and she’s doing a great job.”

He refused to comment on his wife’s pregnancy.

Huma, meanwhile, continued to show her loyalty to her embattled husband from afar.

During an official visit to Abu Dhabi with boss Hillary, she continued to wear her wedding ring but made no official comments.

She walked behind Mrs. Clinton as they headed to meetings on the Libya conflict and shook hands with Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Sheik Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.