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(MEMRI) — Mushir Al-Masri, Hamas official and secretary-general of Hamas in the Palestinian Legislative Council,said at the June 7 march honoring the Golan Heights “Naksa Day” martyrs that the Palestinians would sacrifice blood, lives, commanders, and soldiers until the Palestinian flag and the green flag [of Islam] fly over Al-Aqsa mosque and liberated Tel Aviv.

He added that all the borders of Palestine are permitted in the conflict with the enemy, because the borders will remain open by means of the blood and that the enemy will be expelled from the Palestinian lands just as their own forefathers were.

He also said that the “Nakba Day” and “Naksa Day” marches prove that the “cancerous tumor” [Israel] will soon pass, and that the masses of the [Islamic] ummah and the Palestinian people will pave a path to the upcoming return of five million [refugees] and that the departure of the entity [Israel] is an Islamic religious obligation as well as a human and moral obligation.