Via Fox News:

. . . In hypothetical matchups, Obama tops each of the Republican hopefuls tested. In fact, none of the candidates who were pitted against the president match the 49 percent the “someone else” opponent receives in the generic re-elect Obama question.

Giuliani and Romney perform best against the president, keeping Obama’s edge to single digits. Obama tops Giuliani by 4 percentage points and Romney by 7 points.

In each of the hypothetical contests, Giuliani garners more support from independents and those who consider themselves to be part of the Tea Party movement than any other Republican.

Romney officially announced his candidacy last week in New Hampshire, while Giuliani is still considering a second bid.

Obama has a 19-point advantage over Gingrich, and bests Pawlenty by 18 points.

The president has the largest edge — 21 points — over Palin. In fact, about one Republican in five says they would back Obama over Palin (21 percent).

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