According to Special Ed, it’s all about the “liberal agenda.”

(RCP) — “He’s getting beat up pretty good. Last night I called for the congressman to take one for the team and step aside and resign. many of you in our poll, 65% of you disagreed with what I said,” MSNBC host Ed Schultz said tonight. Schultz first called for Rep. Weiner’s resignation on last night’s program.

“Weiner is very popular among liberals and many believe he could have been next in line to become mayor of New York city, which I am told he really wanted. Now even some New Yorkers are having second thoughts,” Schultz said.

“Weiner’s lies, you have to admit, are going to be a distraction for the Democrats, and I don’t think they can afford that for the 2012 election. Too much is at stake. This isn’t about Weiner. It’s about the agenda. It’s about the liberal agenda. It’s about the Democratic party saving face and credibility. Conservatives love to use stories like Weiner’s to paint the entire party as corrupt,” Schultz added.

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