Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

(NYDN) — Some of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s constituents made it clear Tuesday they want him gone.

“Resign Pervert Weiner,” read the sign taped on the window of his Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, office.

Whoever posted that was speaking on behalf of many of Weiner’s dismayed former supporters in Queens and Brooklyn, many of whom called for his ouster after he admitted to seamy sext-capades with six women — and lying about it.

“I think he should be barred out of politics. He’s disgusting and a pervert,” Ronnie Homan, 50, of Borough Park, Brooklyn, said after Weiner made his tearful admission Monday.

Maya Goldstein, 44, of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, agreed, and said the congressman’s teary TV breakdown shows he needs help.

“He should resign immediately because of his lies,” she said. “He should get some therapy. . . When it comes time for reelection, I’m definitely not voting for him.”