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You really can’t be any more out of touch than this.

(RCP)– “You want to talk about bureaucracy, ladies and gentlemen. That’s why this legislation is growing in popularity because small businesses see, senior citizens see, parents with children under 26 they see a chance to liberate themselves from the most arbitrary, the most capricious, the most bureaucratic system in our entire free economy.

And that’s the insurance companies. Everybody has been run around the block by their insurance companies. It’s something they all share. It’s almost the problems they share with their cable company. Not quite. But it’s not as dramatic here because this is life and death. This is the security of your family. This is whether or not you can change jobs. This is whether or not your children will be protected. This is whether or not your parents will be able to afford their drug because that’s what this legislation enables and gives the freedom to American families to have.

Repeal — we go back into the clutches, the clutches of these bureaucrats spread across the world in the insurance company,” Rep. George Miller (D-CA) said on the House floor today.

FYI: This is the bureaucracy grid ObamaCare creates.