This is hilarious, no wait, they’re serious? Ok, it’s still funny just in an unintentional kind of way.

Right Wing Blog’s Anti-Gay Attack On Barney Frank Too Much Even For Fox Nation — Media Matters

Fox Nation has a long history of promoting anti-gay rhetoric, like the time they pulled an Obama administration official’s comment that “gay sex is morally good” out of context to gin up outrage among some of their more colorful commenters, or the time they promoted WorldNetDaily’s extremely classy “Homo Depot” article attacking Home Depot for daring to provide a kids’ crafts table at a gay pride event.

In fact, posting something homophobic is usually a pretty reliable way to get promoted by Fox Nation. That’s what made a recent Weasel Zippers post so impressive. Apparently, in the wake of the tragic shooting in Arizona — while most people were still decrying the tragedy and taking the opportunity to talk about working to bring back more civility in our national discourse — Weasel Zippers felt the time was right for a pointless homophobic attack on Congressman Barney Frank:

ut using a national tragedy to fling homophobic attacks is apparently where Fox Nation draws the line, because when they linked to the Weasel Zippers post, they omitted the part about Frank. . . .

At least now we know there’s a line. Congratulations to Weasel Zippers for coming up with something offensive enough that even Fox Nation won’t reprint it.

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