Or something…

Via Mediaite:

Media Matters founder David Brock appeared on Hardball and revealed to Chris Matthews his allegation that “Glenn Beck himself has been responsible for three thwarted assassination attempts this year.” Brock listed three occurrences where a crazed assassin targeted a liberal politician or institution, and where evidence later emerged that the assassin may have been a viewer of Beck’s show.

Matthews just nodded in astonishment, not questioning whether such tangential evidence truly would establish Beck as somehow “responsible” for each assassination attempt. Ron Reagan was slightly less inflammatory with his criticism of Beck, merely asserting that Beck, “constantly refers to political opponents on the left as traitors, treasonous, Marxists, fascists, Nazis, [and saying] we’ve got to do something about it, we may have to take to the street. You can see that as entertainment, but some people like Mr. Loughner are not going to see that as entertainment, they are going to take it seriously. . . . We all expected something like this, awful like this, was going to happen and it did.”

In a discussion about toning down the rhetoric on both sides, it seems as if the founder of Media Matters and Ron Reagan may have missed the memo.